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Stress is a word that has been bandied around a lot lately. You ask someone how they are and often
Meaningful Career | O'Neill Kinesiology College
It’s not easy juggling a career and family life, especially if you’re reconsidering your choice of career. Tania McGowan, Director
Nicolie O'Neill and Tania O'Neill McGowan story
Nicolie O’Neill and her daughter, Tania, are the heart and soul of O’Neill Kinesiology College. However, they aren’t the likeliest
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Muscle Monitoring | O'Neill Kinesiology College
Muscle monitoring is a primary technique used in Kinesiology as a way to identify the presence of stresses or imbalances
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The Observer Self - O'Neill Kinesiology College
The ability to observe oneself objectively and compassionately is an important skill to develop. The observer self is objective and
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Benefits of Kinesiology - O'Neill Kinesiology College
Understand the Benefits of Kinesiology. Knowing why Kinesiology is so beneficial and how it can help you. As a non-invasive
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Happiness - O'Neill Kinesiology College
Happiness is a journey not a destination ~ Ben Sweetland This month contains the International Day of Happiness, so we
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Kinesiology Industry Update - O'Neill Kinesiology College
This is an exciting time of change for our industry with the new Health Training Package being released last month.
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