Continuing Education

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Continuing Education for O’Neill College Graduates

It is vital to the integrity of the practice of Energetic Kinesiology that practitioners stay up-to-date with their skills and developments in the field.  O’Neill Kinesiology College is committed to ensuring our graduates have access to the most relevant, first class continuing education opportunities, including learning from Dr. Charles Krebs himself.  The following list comprises the workshops, seminars, and other educational events accessible exclusively to O’Neill College graduates, and is updated with new classes frequently.


5 August: Cell Hologram Update  [$50]
1 – 4 September: Advanced Corrections Update [$799]

Includes new major Chakra balance, Applied Physiology’s Centering and more!

24 June: Nutrient Hologram Update [$75]
TBA: Immune Procedures Update [$150]


Brain Integration

19 – 23 August: Brain Integration 4 with Jacque Mooney [$850]
24 August: Brain Integration Assessment with Jacque Mooney [$150]
4 – 7 November: Glial Cells (Brain Integration 1B) with Jacque Mooney [$650]
8 November: Brain Integration Assessment with Jacque Mooney [$150]


Past Events – 2017

Charles Krebs in Perth

In late May, 2017, Charles Krebs will be joining us at O’Neill Kinesiology College to present two exclusive workshops with all newly developed material and concepts. There is a special discount available when booking both workshops: $400 each, or $750 for both.

20 – 21 May: ACCESSING THE HUMAN BLUEPRINT via the DNA Holographic Matrix  [$400]

Each of us has our own, personal Human Blueprint, which is reflected on the physical plane by our DNA. The DNA level of our blueprint only holds the information for our physical and physiological bodies. Beyond the physical plane though, are the astral, mental, and spiritual planes holding the emotional, mental and spiritual information of our total multi-dimensional being; it is through the full expression of this multi-dimensional blueprint that we become whole.

Accessing our Human Blueprint enables us to release negative patterning, freeing us from its restrictions and limitations, so that we can become whole. This allows the emergence of our true selves, free from the ‘baggage’ we have been carrying around for so long. Learn how to access the Human Blueprint via the DNA Hologram so you can release negative patterning, and replace it with positive patterning! Learn how to stabilise the core energetic circuit in Chinese Medicine, the Celestial Circuit at the blueprint level.

22 – 23 May: BALANCING THE ETHERIC BODY for Chronic Conditions  [$400]

This is a brand new concept, developed by Charles, on how to access the Etheric Templates to assist in balancing long-term and chronic problems that often resist correction in the longer-term. It is amazingly simple, but very powerful! Charles has developed a whole new paradigm of the Etheric Body balancing into a practical system that we can assess and correct like the physical body. Much of our long-term imbalances have their roots in etheric imbalances that, once addressed, resolve the chronic physical problem.

You will find this workshop to be fun and will walk away with a new technique to change people’s lives, getting astonishing results with previously intractable conditions!